Sunday, June 12, 2011

[iTips] Restoration Step

Backup Phase
1. Backup DEB
2. Backup iTunes

Restore Phase
1. Restore by Shift+Click @ iTunes (no need to restore from backup yet!)
2. Jailbreak
3. Open Cydia add source
4. Install BackToDeb from Cydia
5. Copy DEB file to \var\mobile\BackToDeb
6. Restore package using BackToDeb
7. **Reinstall Appsync 4.0+ in Cydia (Make sure!!)

Renew Phase
1. Restore from Backup
2. Anything should be back :D

[Tips] Downgrade iTunes

To downgrade from iTunes 9 to version 8 you can try the following in Windows:

- First acquire the correct software package. Select iTunes 8 from the following site:
- Users looking for 64-bit versions of iTunes 8 can find them here (scroll down):

- Navigate to your iTunes music library (normally in Music/iTunes)
- Copy "iTunes Library.itl" and "iTunes Music Library.xml" to your desktop
- Copy "iTunes Library Extras" and "iTunes Library Genius" to your desktop
- DO NOT DELETE this music library iTunes folder

- Uninstall all iTunes Software
- Use Control Panel uninstall to remove all of the following:
Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Software Update, Bonjour, iPod for Windows, iTunes, QuickTime

- Under the folder c:\Program Files delete the following folders:
Apple Software Update, Bonjour, iPod, iTunes, QuickTime

- Search for any hidden folders named "Apple Computer" or "Apple"
- These may appear under AppData or Local/AppData
- Delete these folders

- Restart your Windows machine
- Install the older version of iTunes
- Run iTunes
- DO NOT SELECT options to automatically add media files
- Select "File" -> "Import"
- Choose the file "iTunes Music Library.xml" from the Desktop
- Your library and playlists will be rebuilt in the older version of iTunes